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Thursday, August 21, 2008

You have beautiful anime eyes.

This was so much fun! I had seen a few avatars that other people did, and I decided that I wanted to try. Who knew that you could create a Manga/anime-like character of yourself?

I'm not sure how close this looks like me though.

I think I did okay with J.

What do you think?

Go have fun and make your own. The great thing is that it doesn't have to be realistic. You can have big cartoon eyes, silly grins and pointy hair if you want.

Example of glossy anime eyes.

The facial expression makes me giggle.


This one is much more fun I think, but it's not what I look like. Although, I have been considering cutting my hair shorter again. [wink]

I might even be able to pull off those "puppy dog" eyes.

J along with some friends, and family know that I'd totally wear the shirt. Yes, I'm serious. I like the stripes, colors, and the little skull.

Truth be told, I even have a black and red striped scarf with matching gloves that I wear with my US Navy Pea Coat. They even have skulls on them too. Soooo cute! J got them for me Xmas two years ago and I was thrilled. (Remind me to take a picture.)

[whispers] *I know. I'm a little weird.*

Here is the picture I asked you to remind me to take.

Another strange thing. J and I use to watch Dragon Ball Z during college. Okay, he watched it more than me, but it was usually on during lunch so I watched a little too.

There are the eyes and hair again. Such a strange show.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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