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Saturday, October 11, 2008

2003 to 2008 = 5

Five years. Can it be?
What people say is true. Time flies when you are having fun, especially with someone you love.
J, these past five years have been wonderful even through the challenges and sad times. They've made us stronger. Who would have ever known that I would meet you, my best friend, and spend the rest of my life with you? Of course God did, He planned this even before we were blips on the screens of our parent's lives.
I am so grateful that you believed in me while I struggled (and continue) to get my business off the ground. Things have improved. I'm busy and still gaining clients, but there's a lot more growing my company can do. It means so much to know you support me.
Thank you for all of your hard work at home and with your job. You are a great manager at your office, and it shows. I never grow tired of hearing how much D and M love you, and how they appreciate your dedication. Your employees like you too. Not just anyone can pull that off! You make me very proud.
Did you ever realize that we're like two peas in a pod? You like action, martial arts, and (some) Sci-Fi movies. So do I. Chick Flicks? Nope, me either. We don't always agree on movies though, and that's okay. That's what makes us fun.
I want to thank you, especially for putting up with my idiosyncrasies. We're both human. We have faults, issues, and habits. That's part of what I love about you. You don't act like someone you're not. You're my silly.
Reasons why I love you
1) You snuggle with me in the mornings.
2) You ask my opinion.
3) You look good in jeans. ;)
4) You like my cooking and brag about it.
5) You compliment me on our clean home.
6) You are a very hard worker.
7) You are a great manager/boss.
8) You love your mother.
9) You love my mother!
10) You worry about your siblings, and want them all to do great things.
11) You are a great provider, always thinking about our future.
12) You cooked our first dinner together when we were dating - pork chops
on the grill, with Ranch Style beans and corn.
13) You have a great laugh.
14) You tell me I’m beautiful.
15) You make me feel beautiful.
16) You have the cutest nose, even though you don't think so.
17) You're my best friend.
18) We miss each other when we’re apart.
19) You admit and apologize when you're wrong.
20) You can fix just about anything.
21) You shared your love of country music with me.
20) You taught me how to two-step, even though you're shy to do it anywhere.
21) You are willing to try new types of food, even the odd and really healthy options.
22) You constantly amaze me.
23) You always kiss and hug me when you get home from work.
24) You love me faithfully, and unconditionally.
25) J you are the love of my life.
Today and always, we're together and that makes everything right.
Happy Anniversary J
I love you bunches, and bunches.
xox - sweet pea

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glee said...

May God bless you with many more years together!

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