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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ta Da!

Here is my rearranged office.

Looks like I need to get the rest of our books from the attic. I'm not going to pack the bookcase full of books, but I do want a few more than what is currently in it.

Funny thing. I keep walking to the left from my desk where my cabinets and files use to be. Now I need to get use to them being behind me. It might take a little while, but I really do like this layout. It has given me more space, and it feels much more professional.

I think the room could use some pops of color too. Maybe from a rug, boxes or frames in the bookshelf. I've been toying around with the color swatches at the bottom of this room layout.

Yep, they are bright but they would only be used as accents. Not on the walls or in large quantities. Maybe I should check with my cousin L. She was interested in interior design before she went to college to study engineering, and she even worked with an interior designer for a little while. So L, do you have any pearls of wisdom? Thoughts? Ideas? Things that aren't too costly to do?

1 thoughtful comments:

Laura said...

That looks like an awesome layout. And while I definitely don't consider myself an expert, color would be cool. Maybe could the tablecloth under the fishtank be switched out for a brighter fabric? Maybe even just a brightly colored flat sheet from Target or something...not expensive... and maybe putting some pictures in bright frames on the bookshelf. And I don't know how you like your drafting table, but I think it would be kind of cool to get a large-ish whiteboard and put it on the wall directly behind it, and then get some fun magnets to hang concept sketches and lists and inspiration on it. With neon markers in case you actually want to use the whiteboard for its intended purpose. And a rug would be good. I really like the color pallette ideas you have!

Wow, sorry for being a bit verbose there! Have fun decorating!

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