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Friday, November 14, 2008

You May Not Know That I

...rarely drive when J and I are going out of town. (It just happens that way.)

...have too many pictures I'd like to hang, and not enough frames to do so.

...am picky about the types/styles of frames I want to put pictures in.

...do not care for yellow gold jewelry.

...like silver/white gold/platinum better.

...have a 2 year old Christmas tree skirt that I still haven't pieced together and sewn.

...kinda miss the fun of having imaginary friends.

...would probably be considered crazy if I had any imaginary friends these days.

...wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth. (I know I don't need all the sugar.)

...really like iced tea and Coke with fresh lime squeezed into them. (When I actually drink Coke.)

...love my sister with all my heart, even though we use to fight like cats and dogs. (No really. We did.)

...am glad we finally matured and grew closer as sisters and as friends.

...am left handed, but use scissors with my right.

...once received a detention because my middle school teacher thought I was cheating on a test.

...jotted down some notes to study for the next day.

...had taken part of the test the day before, so I can see where she was coming from.

...really wasn't trying to cheat.

...probably didn't eat more than a handful of potato chips during high school.

...still don't eat very many chips, but once in a while they're a "treat".

...still get excited on Christmas Eve just like I did when I was younger.

...am fascinated with claymation. Especially Tim Burton's. He has kept with its true art form.

...even made a claymation movie short with a friend in high school as a video production project. (Too bad I don't have a VHS converter, or I'd show it to you.)

...am hopeful for what our new President-elect wants do for our country. (You don't have to agree with me. This is purely an opinion, and it is not open for debate. The End.)

...am praying for him, and the others who will make decisions for our future.

...am also praying for our current President.

..may not be completely happy with all the decisions he and others have made, but he still deserves respect.

...will not stoop and criticize our President's character like so many others have. [shame] (He's human and makes mistakes. We all do. In fact, every President has and will.)

...also think our current President is a good man, but has been misinformed or misled at times, which resulted in making decisions he thought were right at the time.

...am very thankful I don't have our President's job or the stress involved.

...am not the most political person, but will speak up for what I think is right. (Again we all make mistakes and have opinions.)

...have never cooked a turkey before, other than helping my grandmother with hers a couple times.

...this will be the first time to cook one on my own, and to have Thanksgiving at my house.

...still struggle with being indecisive.

...am more emotional these days than I ever have been in the past. (Dang hormones. Seriously, when did this happen?)

...think that I've typed too many things on this post already. More than you probably wanted to know about me.

...saw a post* similar to this and was inspired by it.

Finally, I don’t know that you...

*Site contains language. You have been warned.

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