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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Our part of town didn't get much snow, but we still had flurries yesterday afternoon and again in the evening. It's pretty interesting since we were in the 70's the other day! This is Texas after all.

Here are my pictures, albeit a little silly, but still showing our snow flurries.

Can you see them?
Wait, let me help you out.

Snowflakes. See?

Kira really enjoyed the colder weather. She even laid down on our wet, icy deck. Just thinking about putting my belly on something that cold doesn't sound very good to me. Brr!

My hands stayed cold pretty much all day long. I guess that's typical of this time of year, especially when I work sitting still most of the time. Our heater was doing it's best to keep the house toasty, and I enjoyed some hot chocolate while working and listening to Christmas music. Sounds like a rough work environment doesn't it? [wink] I'm not going to complain.

It sleeted (Is that even a proper form of the word sleet?) and then snowed for about an hour today. None of it really stuck since it had rained prior to the sleet/snow combination. Everything was wet and it just helped melt the flakes. Later, after dinner it started to snow again. Here are some pictures from then.

Yes, those blurs are snowflakes. My point and shoot digital camera's exposure and shutter speed hadn't been adjusted. Oh well. Let me ask this, have you ever seen a palm with snow at it's base? No? Well, here's your chance.

It's small, but it's still a palm.

Snow on our BBQ grill.

That's our first snow of the year. Maybe at Christmas we'll get some more. We did last year and I think the year or two before, although J and I weren't here to enjoy it. We were with family for the holidays. The only "enjoyment" we had was to drive back home on icy roads. Here's hoping that won't happen again this year.

Bundle up and stay warm! I know we will.

3 thoughtful comments:

gwendolen said...

what an adorable banner you´ve got! sweet dog!

Hol and J said...

gwendolen - Thank you! I had fun making it.

glee said...

Wow! You got snow before we did. Well, come to think of it, we had something that seemed like teeny tiny ice pellets. Regardless, for Texas, that's great! I like the fact that yours will melt quickly :-)

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