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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's Things 3/31/11

• I love the sight of
Our pup, Kira playing Frisbee with J.

She loves to run and jump for it!

• I love the sound of
A spring rain hitting the ground.

The soil and grass need it.

• I love the feel of

Building and planting a garden.

Digging, leveling, adding soil, sowing seeds.

• I love the taste of
Grilled asparagus & chicken.


• I love the smell of
Strawberries picked fresh from our garden.

The warmth of the sun makes them smell so good.

• I'm thankful for
The ability and strength to fix and paint our house.

We're almost done with all the bedrooms!

What day of the week do you enjoy most?

Are you more of a homebody or do you like to get out?

2 thoughtful comments:

Stratoz said...

Sunday is good, especially if I don't have to do lesson plans, but then again no day is perfect. :") I am sure your walls and eyes are happy with the paint.

Stratoz said...

by the way, I love the smell of a fresh pepper!

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