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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Jumping on the bandwagon

Our little family has finally joined the rest of the blogging world. I myself have fiddled with blogs and other such things before this. That's my nature since I'm doing graphic and web design all day. Maybe now is a good time to tell a little about the Davis family.

Just us three; Josh, Holly and Kira. Josh and I met our freshman year at ACU. Ahh, those were the days. We became good friends which slowly transformed into a relationship our junior year. We dated for about 3 years. After graduating, I stayed in Abilene, Texas with my job as a graphic designer at the Abilene Reporter News. Josh grew up in east Texas near Texarkana, so he went back home to find a job. After working in a doctor's office, he moved to Houston with a new job. (I'm guessing it was in November.) A few months later I was finally on my way. We had only seen each other 7 to 8 times within about 8 months. That was a trying time for both of us. Once in Houston, we were engaged in April of 2002, and married in October of 2003. I'll spare you all the details.

Since then we've been keeping quite busy. I worked for a print house for just shy of 4 years when it had to shut down... long story short, the previous owners were not paying the current owner what they owed. Thus the company could not afford to continue running a massive Heidelberg 4 color press, along with all the other expensive equipment.

I was back in the world of interviews and resumes. I didn't have too much difficulty getting interviews, but the positions were entry level without chance of promotion. The pay was hardly any better. It was kind of insulting for my education and experience. Josh and I prayed, talked and prayed some more. For years I had a goal of eventually working from home... thinking in the future of when we had children. God showed us that this was my opportunity. We prayed even more.

God's hand has been and still is over everything. The prayers, love, support and encouragement of Josh, along with our families has helped us though. I became the owner and graphic designer of HRD Design. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Please keep us in your prayers, since this has put stress on us in many ways.

Josh has been working for Unishippers, first starting out in sales. He is now the Logistics supervisor, and is doing very well. His boss constantly tells me how much she appreciates his hard work and dedication. I already knew that and am so proud of him! ~ I'm allowed to brag, he's my husband. ~

Family news: Josh turned 27 on July 13th. Kira turned 2 on March 6th. I will be celebrating my 28th on September 10th. Just around the corner. I remember when I was younger getting so excited weeks before the big day! Now it almost sneaks up on me, isn't that funny? There are many other things that consume my days other than a countdown to my birthday. I need to rethink that. Yes we still have adult priorities, but we can stress less, spend more time with those who we hold dear.

We should ask God to help us be more like children. Innocent and so full of life, enjoying the simple things and not worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Words to live by.

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Burcham Family said...

I am so glad to hear that God is actively working in your life. I am so glad we are able to connect back up again! And I must say, your dog is very cute - love the eyes!! I look forward to more posts to come...

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