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Saturday, October 14, 2006


The Detroit Tigers finished some housework tonight, beating the A's 6 to 3. Let me just say that while it may not have been the most exciting game as a whole, the last bit was gripping!

"They're back, and on the prowl"

Exactly twenty-two years ago on Saturday, October 14, 1984 (when I was 6) the Tigers won it all. I mostly remember Sparky Anderson, Kirk Gibson (with his temper) and Jack Morris. They were just a few who were at good old Tiger Stadium and made history.

For everyone who kept doubting the Tigers, I have two words, think again. Yes, they had a big, long, slump. I don't care. Some people in Texas think I'm crazy. While I do enjoy the Astros and Rangers, my heart belongs to Detroit.

I've always been a fan and will always be. I can remember how awesome my parents were to let my sister and I miss a day of school to go to Opening Day. Great memories.

- Gum Time -

"I don't think they used the whole pack," Rogers said (speaking of the Athletics). "You've got to use the whole pack of gum in your mouth at one time. Can't be half, can't be a third. They make my old tail do it, so everyone else has got to do it. But it has a knack for working most of the time."

"You know that was Gum Time. Kenny started throwing out packs to the fans when we had bases loaded." - Nate Robertson

'Two innings later, a case or two worth of gum and 22 years of hope were answered.'

- Speaking of Big League Chew -

Did you know that one full package equals 26 sticks of gum? There's gotta be a world record for stuff like this. Guinness Records anyone?

This is what they call a "man sized wad". Scary!

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