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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Photo Session

This evening we decided to try and take some photos.

For the past two years we make a little time and take pictures for our Christmas card that I make. Let me just say I sympathize with you moms, dads and your little ones. Even though Kira doesn't cry, she can be quite difficult. "Sit still"... "Stay"... "Good girl"... "Look up here"... "Oh, that one didn't take"... "She was moving in that one"... you get the idea.

You will have a rare moment into our silliness.
Here are "outtakes" from tonight. Hope you enjoy!

Can you believe that we actually got a "good picture" on the first try?

I thought this one was good, but then I noticed Kira was blurry.

"Hi Dad!"

Where's Kira? (She was running towards the camera.)

1, 2, 3... only Holly look at the camera.

I blinked and messed this one up. Kira helped too.

Our little girl just can't sit still.

Well, that was our fun. Here is our Christmas card. You'll have to imagine what it will look like folded.

This is the front (outside).

Here is the inside.

I hope you all have a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas and New Year's. Try not to stress or worry. Remember what it's really all about. God bless!

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Burcham Family said...

Hi! I've missed hearing from you! Merry Christmas to you too! Jason and I never did Christmas cards and so we've decided not to start :) I know, now that Brooke is here we should try but oh well. Your pictures were hilarious! Are you coming to Michigan at all?

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