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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The heat is on

In response to my post yesterday...
We're still without air conditioning, but it's cooler out right now. Thank goodness.

Here is the scoop, the 411. (It's really, all I know at this point.)

The AC boss, "D" is at a training seminar in Ohio. Our landlord "C", called him yesterday and D didn't return C's call until this morning. At least we've gotten that far in this whole process. Think positively. The glass is half full... not half empty. C has gotten a price on a unit, but of course there is another unit - a step above, that has a better rating and better compressor. That means better electricity bills for us.

Here is the problem: C doesn't know the price. So, he has to wait until D gets out of his meeting to talk about it. We don't know when that will be exactly. Could be today, tomorrow, this weekend. This is the perfect time isn't it? Easter weekend, being a holiday and all.

Once they talk and decide which unit to buy, the AC employee, "P" will then need to call the warehouse and have them pull the order. He won't be able to pick it up until tomorrow at least. C is saying they will have the unit installed Friday, at the latest. The latest? I hope the latest is Friday morning.

Then C said that it could possibly be done tomorrow. We've been through half the week already, so what's the last bit without AC gonna do? I just hope that we don't have a day with record breaking temperatures. So far, the outlook is good. It's currently 70 degrees and I can handle that. 12 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Meanwhile I'm thinking of lying down on the tile floor in the kitchen to cool off. Man, if things get that bad I'll go get a kiddy-pool (smirk).

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