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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Eight Random Facts

I found this meme at Slouching Towards 40. The Eight Random Facts meme, rules are as follows:

A. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
B. People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
C. At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names.

1. I have a homemade dimple on my right cheek, near my eye. I "made" it when I fell down the stairs as a child. My mom had me lay down on the counter and asked how many fingers she was holding up (checking my vision). My sister whispered "two" in my ear... so of course I told my mom, "two". My eyes were fine, I didn't have a concussion, but I scraped up the skin on my cheek bone and created the dimple after it healed.

2. I was almost three months premature, and it took me just over a month to leave the hospital (back in 1978).

3. Good thing: I have never been stung by a bee/wasp/hornet. Bad thing: I don't know if I'm allergic.

4. My eyes are hazel, but they have a few little brown specks in them as well. I actually love this about them. They're different and have personality. (My left iris has about 4 specks in the bottom portion, and my right iris has 3 in a diagonal line. Rather interesting really.)

5. I can sometimes wear a kid's size 12 (from being premature and my petite family). While many of you may really dislike me now... this has been both a blessing and a curse my whole life. Kids sizes may be cheaper, but it's hard to find decent styles and colors I actually like most of the time. (Read: Tons of ruffles and pink mixed with purple does not look good on a 28 year old. Especially when I'm trying not to look like I'm still 15 - the typical guess from many people.)

6. I use to be a gymnast, and wish I could still do the routines and stunts. This was back in elementary school and then again in college, for fun.

7. I need to use a step stool in my kitchen to reach the things in the middle and top of cabinets because I'm that short. Sometimes, the gymnast in me, climbs on the counter to reach things - bad habit.

8. I am left handed, however I use scissors with my right. (There usually weren't any "lefty scissors" to use when I was growing up.)

I'm not going to tag anyone either. Bwaaahahaha!
If you want to be tagged, then consider yourself tagged.

4 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

I am done with being tagged for now so I think I will skip this one, those were some very intersting things to learn about you though.

Hol&J said...

Yeah I totally understand how the tags/memes build up. It's fun to just read and enjoy them sometimes.

slouching mom said...

So I wonder if you noticed that among my random facts are that I was a gymnast, that I am left-handed, and that I was premature?

Are you my long-lost twin? ;)

slouching mom said...

Oh, and my eyes are hazel too.

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