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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memes Everywhere I Look!

I was tagged by Nicole for this meme.


1. I had a blanket when I was growing up, that I could not live without. Not even while it was being washed. My mom had to cut it in two so she could wash one half, and I could hold the other. (My parents have a picture of me sucking two fingers, with the blanket on my head.)

2. When I was little, I use to suck either my pointer and middle finger together, or my middle and ring fingers at the same time. I know, I'm a little different.

3. My middle name is Renée. From what I recall, the name came from a family friend.

4. I have moments of clarity / stupidity. The ones where you think to yourself, "I really shouldn't do this because, this might happen."

For example: I was making a fruit salad for lunch before we went to a friend's wedding. I held the paring knife in my right hand (blade pointed towards the bowl of course) and started to stir the fruit with my left hand. Here it comes... *ouch* I cut my ring finger on my left hand, right on the knuckle. It probably could have used stitches, but being located where it was made it pretty much impossible to stitch up. I cleaned it, bandaged it, and we went to the wedding - with a sore, throbbing finger.

5. On the last day of school in 7th grade, I was riding bikes with a group of friends. There were too many of us to fit on the sidewalk, so some of us had to ride in the grass.

I was the "lucky" one who wasn't able to avoid a pothole. My bike stopped, but I didn't. I went flying over my handlebars onto the pavement. I skid to a stop using my face and elbows. My friends kept telling me, "Ooh look at your elbows!" I was more concerned about my front teeth that hit the pavement. I kept asking, "Are my teeth okay?" I still have scars on both elbows, but my teeth are fine. They were just loose, and sore for a while.

6. In elementary school, possibly kindergarten or first grade, my friend and I told the bus driver that my friend's mom said it was okay for me to go to her house. The problem was that my mom didn't know about this. My friend's mom figured it out and called my mom, and I got into big trouble. I was rather mischievous don't you think?

7. My sweet husband, J, accidentally hit me in the face once while we were sleeping. He dreamt that he was playing volleyball, and was spiking the ball. (On his behalf, he moves and twitches a lot when he dreams of sports, especially baseball.) Fortunately my nose and face didn't suffer any damage

8. I'm just now noticing how quite a few of these things make me seem accident prone. Hmm.

9. I have a "squirrel bladder" as J would say. That is especially true when we go see a movie at a theater. I can use the restroom before we leave, again when we get to the theater, and 99% of the time I'll need to go again before the movie is over. Pathetic.

10. Strangely, I enjoy looking at catalogs. Clothing, garden, household items, Pottery Barn, Norm Thompson, you name it. I may not buy anything from them, but I find it "fun" to look.

Tag You're It!

Glee, Ky, Yer Doing It Wrong, and Reflecting Him.

3 thoughtful comments:

Shauna said...

Great list!
You might need to wear a facemask to bed!

yerdoingitwrong said...

I have a few meme's to do. Yay!! Thanks for the tag, girl. I really will get on it this weekend!

mommiebear2 said...

Taylor also sucks on his 3 "middle" fingers when he is tired or going to bed.

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