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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

We're tired, but it was worth it!

While I was driving home from my dental appointment yesterday afternoon, I heard the tail end of an announcement on KSBJ (89.3 FM, contemporary Christian music).

Building 429, along with Jackson Waters would be at a "brown bag special" at a local Chic-fil-A.

I called J immediately. I was anxious to tell him about it, and I knew he would be thrilled.

You see, the lead singer, Jason, of Building 429 was J's best friend in high school. They played basketball together, and would just hang out like normal high school kids. J has only seen "Axl" a few times since high school. One of those times we were listening to him along with some friends jam inside an auto shop. This was back in their hometown before the group even formed (when J and I were dating in college). Another time, was at a bigger concert.

"Axl" (Nickname from high school.)

After work around 6:20 pm we drove about 30 to 45 minutes to the store location. We were in awe at how many people had packed the parking lot. I kid you not, there must have been between
1,000 to 1,500 people there!

It was amazing to see.
God works in such great ways!

This mini concert was to promote the release of Building 429's new album Iris to Iris, and also to promote the newer group, Jackson Waters. (The new album is wonderful. Go get yourself a copy!)

Building 429
Jesse (guitar and keys), Jason (guitar and vocals), and Michael (drums).

The name,
Building 429 is from Ephesians 4:29.

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."
Awesome isn't it?!

J and I, along with everyone else there watched the guys perform. They received a wonderful response from the crowd. Just looking at J during the show, I could see how proud he was of his friend.

After the show, we got in the ever growing line for CDs, shirts, and posters. As we got closer to the group, J decided to stand behind me so he wasn't the first person they would see. (That's funny, because it's not like he can hide behind me, I'm 4' 10".)

I was talking to each member of the group as they signed the CD for us. When I finally reached the end of the table, where Jason was sitting, he looked at me trying to place where he remembered me from. Then J, my husband stepped out and you could see the look of surprise on Jason's face. He hugged J, and then they talked for a couple minutes. He asked if we could stick around to talk to him after everyone was gone. Of course we could!

It was around 9:00 pm when everyone cleared out, and probably 10:00 when the crew had everything put away. The two groups decided they wanted to go someplace to eat, and we were invited. How cool is that?

Jackson Waters
Very nice group of guys.

We went to a well known pancake place, and had fun hanging out. Our waitress was nice, but rather slow since there were only two ladies working (a third had left in the middle of her shift).
There was also only one cook making food. It made for an interesting evening.

Contrary to the ways of John Q. Public, we didn't give the waitress a hard time. She was doing the "best" she could. We actually sat there for about 20 minutes before we got our coffee, or water. Then it was an hour before we got our food. That was strange, since I've been to the same establishment (different location) late at night with a group of people before, and not had that much trouble. Oh well.

It was wonderful getting to visit with such sweet, Godly men. We all had a great time listening to stories from back in the day, and all the things that have happened while they've been on tour.

Jason and the other guys asked J and I what we do for work. When I told them, Jason said, "Really? Wow, I admire graphic designers and what they do. I'd love to see some of your work." My sweet honey, J, promoted me more and said that if they needed some work done, I could do it. (I didn't have a chance to say it before, so I'm glad he did.) I gave Jason some of my business cards. He even said, "I think I've seen these somewhere before." That surprised me.

I'll be praying that I get the chance to do some work for them. Wow, God is so good! Please say a prayer for me. This would be a great opportunity.

When J and I finally got back home it was almost 2:00 am. (That tells you how long it took to get our food.) We were extremely tired, but happy. It's always good getting to catch up with friends, and share a meal together.

Thank you guys! It was a blessing being able to spend some time with you.

4 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

WOW! What a night to remember! It sounds like you might be getting some terrific work sometime! I hope so! I am so happy for you guys to get to meet up with an old friend. I'll keep an eye out for these two groups.


Ky said...

Wow! That must have been great. I'm so happy for you both! I'll be praying for you! Hopefully they can get you some work!

By the way, the website looks awesome. Very cool!

mommiebear2 said...

Goodness u had a late night. Sounds like you had fun though - and thats cool u got to hang out with them and then eat with them. Lots of luck for the business!! :)

aggiejenn said...

How awesome! I love Building 429! I'm glad you guys had a great night.

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