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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Too Many Choices.

What do you get for a little boy for his first birthday?
There are so many choices out there.

No electronics.
No batteries.
Not too pricey.

I like this cute little zebra pull toy from Oompa.
I question how much fun Z would have with it.

Then there are these Curious George rain boots from Hatley Nature that are really fun! I'd wear them if they'd fit.
They're not a book or a toy... so maybe they could be for another day or occasion.

Dinnersaurs. What a cool idea! Modern Tots has this all figured out.I think this would be something that Z's mom and dad would appreciate a little later on down the road. Right now, little man is starting to feed himself, and plastic works best... especially when he's too focused on the food and not the utensils.

I haven't seen these bright buckets at Target yet, but they have them online.
Still not grabbing my attention enough to buy them. Hmm.

I figure that I'll go to a book store and find some more Baby Einstein books. The ones I got for Z at Christmas were a hit, so maybe I can pick up a few others.
These Alphabooks would be pretty good. The letters and colors would be stimulating.

Do any of you have suggestions? I'm open to ideas. What do your kids (nieces, nephews, grankids, etc.) like?

6 thoughtful comments:

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

I always like simple. How about wooden blocks? Simple, versatile. But it makes a mess.

If not... Trucks? Trains? Balls? Books?

Let us know when you decide!

Biddy said...

anything and everything Baby Einstein will be a hit for a very long time. Jake is almost 5 and he still LOVES all of his Baby Einstein stuff - books, movies, toys...all of it

OH! and at Target, they have this big plastic dump truck (it's green and blue). Jake has 3 of them, yes 3 and has adored them since he could push 'em

Caroline Kaufman said...

my kids love pull toys liked the zebra!.... other ideas.... our family favorite is eric carle stacking blocks my kids LOVE them (3 and 18 mos) both play with them forever!you can get them at most targets. also BIG bouncy ball if he does not already have one....those are always a hit...a bouble machine my kids go crazy over ours and I love it becuase I do not have to sit and blow bubbles ALL day LONG ugh! love that toy! Lets see what else.... blocks wooden ye not plastic... melissa and doug make the BEST wooden toys anything they make is AWESOME and lasts forever....not too fond of the pastic spoons.... they never last like they should it you do siverware go for the good stuff.... my kids eat with thier "silver spoons" everynight... they look as good as they day we got them as a gift and are dishwasher friendly....they make some really cute ones with animals.....those are my mommy thoughts for now....maybe more later

Ann(ie) said...

OMG, I just ordered those bright buckets online for Ben today. I thought they were SOOOOO cute. I vote for those freakin' cute boots!!!!! I love em.

Suzio said...

I like the zebra, expecially if it has a pull string and Z is about to start walking! Fun, fun, fun!

mommiebear2 said...

I actually bought those Baby Einstein vidoes for Claire when she was around 1 - and they just mesmerised her. They were annoying as crap for adults, but a hit with little ones! My kids would love those dinosaur utensils.

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