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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Good news. My interview went well.
Thank you to all of you for your prayers and words of encouragement.

I visited the company and met with the Vice President (VP) and the Creative Director (CD). You can imagine the typical interview, but for this one the Creative Director was wearing a Polo, short sleeved button down shirt and khaki shorts. *grin*

We went through the usual questions and information about the position and company. I showed my portfolio that I brought with me, and we talked some more.

At one point I asked if the position was hourly or salary based, and about the dress code. The CD chuckled and said, "Well normally we're pretty relaxed around here. On days when we'd be meeting with a client, or there was something going on in the office, I wear a suit." Then he said, "On a normal work day, I wear 'pool attire'" (referring to what he had on).

Once we were finished they told me I should hear from them in a week or two. They still have other people to interview. That's pretty much a typical answer to an interview when they need to make a decision.

Driving home I mulled things over. Even though I had been worried, and I really shouldn't have been, I wanted to like this company and the position. God gave me the answer. It was pretty clear.

I do like the company, but there are certain things that would not benefit me or my family. The fact that it would be a salary position is fine. However, I'd be working late hours every day and sometimes that doesn't work well for getting any overtime payment on a salary (not always, I understand). Add onto that, about one or two weekends each month where I'd need to go into the office and work.

The good thing was that the CD and VP were very honest with me about the job and how demanding it would be. They said that it's like living at work. I didn't let that make my decision, but waited to talk with J about it.

He and I both had the same feelings. We both wanted this to be a good job and company, but we really couldn't see it being right for me/us. I'm thankful for the experience, and for God showing me what I need to do.

In other news, I have another interview tomorrow. It's not really a job that I want to pursue, since it is a slight step in the wrong direction for my career. I will go through with it anyway and see what happens. I hope to have a chance to ask them about outsourcing design work to me when they have too much to do.

I will update tomorrow when I can.

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ETA - The interview went well, however this company is much smaller and less advanced than the previous print house I worked for. There isn't much chance for growth or promotion, so again I was shown that there is someplace for me, but this was not it.

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mommiebear2 said...

Well of course knowing me I love the "pool attire" but I could understand with having to work weekends and late hours. I have always liked the fact that when I leave work I focus on my family, not work. I believe strongly in the little tree outside the door ~ like we talked about before. I am sure something will just fall into your lap that you will just love! Good luck today!

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