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Monday, October 8, 2007

Greek Festival and Designs

This past weekend J and I, along with a few friends and co-workers went to the Greek Festival. J, his boss, and some other employees received tickets. The festival benefits various charitable organizations, such as Children's Assessment Center, the Women's Home, Covenant House, and the Star of Hope Mission just to name a few.

I had been wanting some Greek food for a while, but did not know of any good restaurants. Now I do, and I also got my fix.

We ended up going to the festival on Saturday where we had some wonderful Greek food. Instead of just having a Gyro (YEAR o) or Souvlaki (soo VLA kee) we opted for the "dinner plate". It allowed us to try a larger variety of foods, and was terrific. The dinner plate consisted of, pastitsio (pas TEET see oh) - baked macaroni pasta with beef filling and Romano cheese topped with a bechamel sauce, tiropita (tee ROH pee tah) - a triangular-shaped cheese-filled puff pastry, spanakopita (spa nah KOH pee tah) - a spinach and feta cheese rolled in filo, fasolakia (fah so LAH key ah) - Greek style green beans, and salata (traditional Greek salad).

We also saw lots of beautiful art, pottery, and jewelry. Later in the evening we watched traditional dances, and met some very nice people. Opa! I hope to go again next year.

Photo source.

I even was able to create and upload more designs for a brochure, pocket folder, and announcements (they are square this time around).

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mommiebear2 said...

I prefer to be able to pronounce the food I am eating... ;) Glad yall had a good time!

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