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Saturday, November 10, 2007


Nicole presented me with the BFF award. Thanks girl! I don't think I've had a BFF necklace or an award for being a friend since elementary school. I do remember having the "Be Fri" half of the necklace, instead of the "st ends" part. How silly.

Here's the fun part. I get to give it to others.

To my BFF (blog friends forever).

Pig Song
The Burnt Waffle
In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him
Life Is Short. Partake In Happy Hour! (You make me smile!)
Reflecting Him
Burcham Family (We were BFF's before we were even born. *grin*)
Pass The Chocolate
The Careys
The Kaufmans
Carris Family
Life In The Harrison Home
Veritable Vanessa
Who Cries Over Spilled Milk? (I know you already received this, but I wanted to give it back.)

I love you all and appreciate your comments and support.

6 thoughtful comments:

Ky said...

Thank you! You're such great people. xoxo!

Someday, I've got to get to putting these awards up on my blog. And Pig Song. Hopefully soon!

mommiebear2 said...

Awww, thank you! :)

Suzio said...

Thank You Hol&J! BFF to you as well.

Ann(ie) said...

I LOVE IT!!! Thanks, girlie. =)

Doug, Shelly & Ava said...

Thanks, Holly! I love reading your blog. Sorry I don't comment too much...when I try to leave a comment on blogger (for anyone) I sometimes get tripped-up in system-craziness.

Enjoy YOUR award, too!


Vanessa said...

You're great too! You are so good at updating, I'm jealous. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with family!

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