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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Expect Clothes To Fit?

In response to Nicole's post about clown britches, I give you this tale.

Ahh yes. The wide leg pant has come back into style.

I don't think the look is bad. I actually have a few pairs of slacks that are wide legged, and they look good. They also fit, well minus the length.

In my wardrobe, I either have to wear shoes with a heel to make me taller, or my clothes need to be altered. There is a stack that has been waiting to be altered for months. Sad but true. They are nice clothes too, and I'd love to be able to wear them right about now. There's a really cute tweed skirt in the pile that has been calling.

Wear me. Please.

That skirt was the smallest size the store carried. My other option would be to shop somewhere else in the little girls department that's filled with pastels and foo foo. *shudder* The skirt itself is probably an inch too big in the waist. I'd like to keep my clothes on thank you. Especially at church and in meetings with potential clients. I'm sure you'd like my clothes to stay on as well. I'm not much for streaking.

I have a bit to pick. It's partially from my own experience, but also from Nicole's.

Attention designers, clothing makers, manufacturers, and whoever else is responsible:

You REALLY need to make clothes that fit a human being. Not some freakishly proportioned giant, or twig. I may be petite like a model (Read: petite, not a waif), but I am the furthest thing from tall and my arms don't extend past my knees. You know the shirts I'm talking about. They fit everywhere except your arms, that hang off an additional foot. Another thing... ladies' behinds aren't squished at the bottom or square either!

A few months ago I went to a store to get some jeans with a gift card. This store is about the only place I can find jeans that fit me. Every pair I tried on fit very funny in the seat. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. The lower portion of my butt cheeks were squished together and it looked wrong.

J was there. He could attest to the automatic bottom clenching jeans. If you didn't know, he is my husband and I am allowed to say this. He likes my bottom. (He's allowed to like it.) However, he did NOT like the way these jeans made my bum look. I even asked two people at the store why the jeans were doing this, and they said, "It's the new style".

What? You're telling me that looking as though I need to go to the bathroom is in style?!

Fortunately, later on I found 2 pairs that didn't squeeze so much, and I got them (because they didn't look ridiculous like the first group had). A few months later, I returned to see if the styles had changed. What do you know? They had! The new jeans have a similar look overall, but the seat no longer clasped my heinie together.

The other article of clothing that bugs me. Fitted shirts. The part where the princess seam, or whatever it is comes together, never fits my chest. Now I'm not exactly "blessed" in that area, but I should be able to find shirts that don't make me look like I'm swimming.

I've talked with J about this before. Clothing companies need to quit making women's sizes so dang hard to fit into! So what if they are "being nice". It's fake anyway. That size 4 is more like a 6. They're just trying to make a sale and make someone feel good.

So you're telling me a size 1 - 2 dress is as small as you go? It's still too big for me.

Make your sizes accurate and make more of them. Do it like men's clothing. Pants should have measurements like a 30 inch waist and a 26 inch inseam. Those size guidelines MAKE SENSE!

Help me stay out of the little girls section for good. Just say no to pink and bows!

2 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

You are right about all of this! I remember being a size 0 (yes, long, long ago) and being disgusted because it might take me 30 minutes to get to a store from home only to find that the handful of size 0s they had weren't worth looking at.

Now that I am not a 0 (not even a single digit anymore!) I still have some of the same problems. I stick to "old lady jeans" because the newer styles have the pockets so far down on the back of the pants that it looks ridiculous!

Isn't it a shame that you must be independently wealthy to be able to have clothes that look good these days?

Okay, that's my excuse and you may use it if you'd like.

mommiebear2 said...

I didnt know that you had to have your clothes altered!! I still remember when I first saw you, I thought you were Josh's little sister or something because you were sitting on his lap and then I saw him kiss you and I was ewwww he is totally kissing his sister like that???

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