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Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 Things In My Life

5 Things In My Life

• J and I get to see my parents in three days, 75 hours, 4523 minutes...

• I had an appointment/interview on Tuesday which I feel went well.

There is the possibility for me to work remotely/telecommute, and I may either have them as a client and do work for the company or they may hire me.
Either way, being able to work from home would be a blessing, considering their location. Can you say, "Museum District"? Whew!

Please say an extra prayer that things work out the way they are intended. Not that I gain business or a job, but that God will place me where He wants me. I'm really trying to stay out of this one. No worries, no expectations. I'm just letting it "be".

• Gifts are wrapped and shipping as I type.
~ Sigh of relief ~

Cards are addressed and in the mail.

Remembering why this time of year is so special, and important.

1 thoughtful comments:

Alexander Supertramp said...

Thansk for commenting on my blog about the Christmas movies! I watched good ol' Ed Griswald just last night!
Do you remember me? Many a year ago you stayed at our house in Memphis..I gave you a Beastie Boys cassete!

Anyways..........Merry Christmas

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