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Monday, December 10, 2007


Yesterday started like a normal Sunday. J and I got up, went to church and returned home for lunch. We spent the day cleaning up a couple closets and reorganizing some boxes with picture albums. J even hung a group of framed baseball photographs in our extra bedroom/workout room.

Around 5:40 pm J, Kira (our pup) and I left to meet our Life Group (small church group) for the community's Christmas parade. We all thought it was supposed to start at 6 pm... it was 7 actually, but it didn't reach us at the spot we camped out until about 7:30 pm. We had a great time visiting, eating dinner in lawn chairs, and watching traffic until the parade started. Kira was such a good girl, especially with all the people, the noise, and little kids running around and hugging on her. She made us proud!

Before things got going, we saw about four police escorts, some in cars and others on motorcycles, guiding about ten horse trailers. Oh, how I looove me some horses (even though I haven't ridden one, other than a pony sadly tethered to a revolving carousel many years ago).

A few minutes passed, we were all talking just having a good time.

Then C R A S H!

You know that eerie sound. Metal against metal, hitting hard. There wasn't any sound of screeching of brakes or tires from anyone.

A green car hit the back of a red car, and none of us really saw what had happened. The green car's driver totaled his car. The airbag deployed, and his hood was all busted and bent up. He got out and stumbled to the curb, sitting down. The red car had a pretty damaged back end, but mostly to the bumper and tail lights. Oddly enough, the trunk looked okay.

I got up while J held onto Kira. I hurried (along with another person) over to the man to check on him.

I asked, "Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

He said, "I'm okay, I just can't believe that happened. I didn't see the car. I'm shaking all over, and I have a bad headache now."

Well, yes. He just had a wreck and is probably going to hurt in places he didn't know could.

The other person who walked over with me was already on the phone calling 911 and an ambulance. J was also calling 911 while I was walking over to the man.

I asked the hurt man, "Do you need to call anyone?"

He said, "Yes, my mom."

He looked to be in his mid to late 20's... just like J and I. Very scary.

I let him use my phone, and he kept apologizing for not being able to reach her. He tried calling a few times, and then called his uncle. I told him not to worry about it, and for him to call until he could reach someone.

He was pretty shaken up and probably in shock. The other man and I sat next to the accident victim. He was so worried and upset, all I could think to do was put my hand on his shoulder and let him know help was on the way, and to keep him still where he was.

Within a couple minutes an ambulance arrived and then a couple police were there shortly after. A wrecker had already gotten there, along with a volunteer fireman (I think). When the EMT's walked over, I stood up and moved to get out of their way. They didn't take the man in the ambulance at first, but then a few minutes later they came back and put him inside. Maybe he felt fine and looked okay starting out, but he may have become disoriented and they decided to take him to a hospital to keep an eye on him. I pray that he's okay.

Fortunately both people involved were wearing their seatbelts.

After the accident was cleared and things started to resume their "normal" state, I received a call from the man's mother.

She said, "Is this the person who was in an accident with my son?"

She seemed a bit snippy and irritated, like it was my fault for causing the accident. Oh well, she was just concerned about him, and rightfully so.

I said, "No ma'am. Your son just used my phone to call you."

She said, "Oh, okay." Then she hung up.

We finally watched the parade. It was a little later reaching us, but I think that's because it started a few miles away. We saw Boy and Girl Scout groups on floats, an equestrian group, lots of firetrucks lit up and blaring their sirens and horns, a few VW bugs with lights, and the coolest by far was a group of DeLoreans with their doors open, and most had blue lights outlining the sides and doors, making them look futuristic. It was pretty cool.

Things were fine... until 4:30 am this morning. My phone rang with a text message from an unknown number and a SPAM message for prescription drugs and the usual enlargement garbage. 4:30 in the morning! Are you kidding me?! I deleted the message and wondered how someone could have gotten my number to spam me. Fortunately I was able to go back to sleep.

Then at 2:22 pm I received a second similar spam message. I wondered if somehow the use of my phone at the accident had been abused. My first thoughts were; why would this happen when I was just trying to do a good thing? How did this happen? Then I knew it couldn't have been related to the accident. Something is going on, but it has nothing to do with the events on Sunday.

I did a little research and called my phone provider. Their lovely automated message stated quite clearly, that MANY people were having the same issues with spam text messages being sent to them. This same company also said they are trying to resolve it, and that any charges accrued would be refunded. I sure hope so. I'll be sure to call them if they don't remove any and all charges. Grrr. Why do our phone, internet, and cable TV providers stink?

You know? I think it's wrong to charge someone for text messages they receive and have no way of controlling. Even if the messages are from people they might know. This reminded me of a few text messages J got on Friday from someone he knows, but neither of us appreciated them. That's putting it lightly. I was rather angry about one in particular. It's hard enough controlling what comes into our home from the internet (thank you spam email), but when someone sends something without your knowledge or permission on your phone... well, I felt violated. Turns out J also received a spam message along with the others. Joy!

The few who ruin it for the rest of us should have to chew on a bar of soap. If you don't have anything nice or honest to say, don't say it at all. If you spammers are going to send me junk, viruses, inappropriate words, and images... you should have your phone and/or internet privileges revoked. Enough said.

Okay, I'm done with that little rant. Back to the accident. It reminded me how precious life is and how very important it is to be aware of your surroundings. It also reminded me, that I need to go get re-certified in CPR.

Take a few minutes, or hours out of your day to become certified. You may save a life someday with that knowledge.

4 thoughtful comments:

Marcia said...

We must have the same cell phone provider. I got a lovely text this morning that I was definitely not interested in.

mommiebear2 said...

Well, your part of the parade was much more interesting than mine! ;) Although, the man sitting next to me had b.o., and I was down wind so that was kinda interesting. Sorta.

Burcham Family said...

Yikes! Every time I see an accident I get a little shaky. Glad everyone was doing well.

Ann(ie) said...

Scary!! That was sweet of you to help, sugar. His mother, albeit panicked, could have taken the time to thank you at the very least.

I agree on the CPR...I should do that, too!

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