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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lego Jesus?

I found a site today and thought it was rather interesting.

I have seen videos using Lego bricks to recreate the Ok Go "Here it Goes Again" video. Another showing how two guys built the Millenium Falcon in 38 hours.

Nothing, until now with Bible characters.

They're not videos, but still stinking cool.

The last supper
Source here.

It's called "The Brick Testament", which is basically the Bible told with Legos. Created by Brendan Powell Smith.

How fun is that?

The second plague
Source here.

I hope you can all enjoy this as much as I did. There are tons of pictures, and stories to go through... of course I only looked at a few.

*I have not checked the accuracy of text and scripture, however the site may be helpful and fun for children just the same.


Today, I was shown by a friend, that there are some questionable images. She said that most are scripturally accurate, but not appropriate for little eyes.

Very true.

I did notice that all the stories are marked with a "content notice". This is slightly similar to what TV shows have.
N = nudity S = sexual content V = violence C = cursing)
This is a helpful guide to go by.

Please don't let your kids have free reign on this site. Sit with them, and use good judgment as to what they should be looking at.

2 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

What a great idea!

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

At first that site seems really cool, but I was looking around it further last year and there's some inappropriate stuff in there. They take some random scriptures out of context and show some stuff you won't want kids to see. Just be careful!

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