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Monday, January 7, 2008


I have a couple things I'm wondering about.

Should I go to MDCQ2 on Saturday?

If I go, I'd like to carpool with a friend/fellow blogger or two. That's because I'd rather not drive to the middle of downtown and try to find this place. I'm sure it would be fun meeting everyone, but I'll have to see how this week goes first.

I have made a handful of calls this week and last week trying to find out about a certain situation that transpired before Christmas, and I have not been successful. Actually I have succeeded at making the calls, and leaving messages, however I have not gotten a response yet. I'll leave it at that so I can keep this a bit vague and secure.

My questions regarding both things go from one end of the spectrum to the other. MDCQ2 is not the end of the world, nor are the phone calls. However the calls are starting to make me wonder.

If you call someone about something they are interested in, and you are interested in as well don't you think they would return your messages? Hmm.

The big question here becomes; is God trying to tell me something with all of this?

I have done really well at not worrying or becoming stressed about the whole situation. I'm actually proud of myself because of that. Is this turning out to be something that seemed like it would be good for J and I, and things were moving forward, only now we're being shown that it's not something I should pursue?

How do you know when God is telling you yes, or no?

I guess if I do not receive a response, that will be the answer and I won't wonder what I'm being shown. Wow, how easy does that seem after I wrote it all down? Of course until that point I won't be sure, and J will still be worried and stressed about it. Funny, he's the one who is more concerned this time around.

On a more positive note, things seem like they are looking up. I have a couple projects lined up right now. I also have a meeting tomorrow with a couple who own their own company, and need packaging design done for a product. Hopefully I will find out this week if I win the bid to work with them. They even mentioned the potential of doing their website as well.

There have also been a few people at our church who have spoken to their employers and friends about me. One would need their website redesigned, and another may have a couple projects for me.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I don't want to pull my hair out when J asks, "Did they call?", one more time. *Only kidding!*

3 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

I think we should totally car pool if you wanna!!!! I am for sure going so, let me know k? Ive got my fingers crossed for all of your other ponderings. :)

Biddy said...

ugh i SO want to go to MDCQ2! unfortunately i have NO money...if only it were NEXT weekend (i get paid next wednesday...argh)

glee said...

I understand your feelings about not hearing anything, but these things take time. Most places shut down (in essence) for at least a week at Christmas. If a key person decided to take an extra week off....

If they don't call, you wouldn't want to work there, anyway!

Still, I'll pray for you about this and the other jobs.

The blogger meeting sounds like fun, as long as everyone keeps his/her head.

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