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Thursday, January 10, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

My amazing friend (in real life) and bloggy buddy, Jenn, brought J and I some chicken and dumplings, along with bread and a sweet note last night. That's because she saw what I wrote about the pity party I was throwing for myself.

What would we do without people like this family?

Thanks Jenn. You, J, C, and L are such a blessing to J and I.

The chicken and dumplings were wonderful by-the-way! If you get a chance, please tell your neighbor that her bread was really yummy. J wanted to eat more of it for dessert... okay, so did I.

2 thoughtful comments:

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

You are such a great friend, and such a blessing to our family as well. I seem to recall you bringing us dinner more than once when I was overwhelmed with pregnancy and babies! ;-) I agree, though...what would we do without great friends?

Ann(ie) said...

What an awesome friend. I simply don't know what I'd do without my girly pals!!! That is too cool. You guys are lucky to have each other!

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