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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh My

I'm sure you remember how I said we are getting new floors. You know, because it was only a day ago. I am still excited about it. Who wouldn't be?

I also mentioned how I'd like to replace the wallpaper in our bathrooms and kitchen. I took a few pictures to show you how much I looove all of it.

Get a good look at this.

What is that? A stage coach?

This is the old ancient wallpaper hiding under our bathroom counter (along with some cobwebs), that was covered up by the "newer" striped paper. Why does that make me feel ill?

So I was wrong about the old paper having olive green in it. The colors are brown, harvest gold, and a purrrty orange. Hmm, nothing says "relaxing bath" like that.

Thankfully someone else thought the same thing. They decided this striped number would be so much better.

Oh, but it is better. Don't you think?

Hey, it's not the worst master bathroom I've ever seen. Trust me, I've seen mushrooms and owls. They haunt my dreams.

Not really.

I think wallpaper in general, is more of a pain than it's worth. I would rather paint a textured color. That sounds like something I'd enjoy.

This watercolor look from BHG.com is nice.

They called this a "Strie paint treatment". I think I like it, and could use colors that I actually want.

Not so much this.

Our spare bathroom. I feel bad for guests that come over.
I'm not much for flowered, or busy wallpapers.

The main wall is rather, um, interesting. At least it looks fairly neutral when you step back from it.

What is it with borders? I'm guessing it was a popular thing at the time.

This border is above the cabinets in our kitchen. It could be worse.

Our kitchen is saturated with dark colors. At least there are some parts of the wall that are white. When we first moved in, there were handmade dark blue and forest green window treatments curtains with a patterned valance that matched the wallpaper to a T. Honestly, they were nice and made well (besides the overwhelming amount of blue and green).

We took them down about a year ago, and our landlord took them home. I think he was going to try and sell them. I hope he had some luck with that.

This pattern covers the majority of our kitchen. I keep reminding myself to be thankful it's not the same brown, orange and yellow hidden under the counter in our bathroom.

My duplex in college had a wallpaper and border with the SAME colors. Can you believe that? It was more of a striped and plaid combination though. I just realized that.

Choice A.


choice B.

No contest.
... and the A's have it.

Where have you seen some less than appealing wall treatments?
My house? It's no longer in the running.

5 thoughtful comments:

Marcia said...

All wallpaper and the people who put it up should be sent somewhere far far away. I peeled wallpaper off both our bathrooms and kitchen after we bought our house. It is nothing that I want to ever do again. Your new floors will look great!

Biddy said...

oh my...i'll say a prayer or two about that wallpaper.

my parents peeled 9 layers of wallpaper off their bathroom walls, each layer revealing an even more hideous print...they stopped after 9 because they were sick of peeling. they sanded, primed and painted right over it!

of course, a few years later they had a huge leak and had to gut the bathroom. yay for brand new sheetrock!

glee said...

Oh, you are so hilarious! And young! Just wait, you'll see wallpaper come back. It does every 15-20 years or so. I can't imagine why, though!

Our master bath had paper similar to the busiest paper you have. We aren't as artistic as you are, so it took a while, but we got it off.

Our kitchen and bedrooms all have borders that seem to be cemented to the walls. We've had to resort to painting over them with a stripe or something similar in each case. Except the kitchen. Haven't finished it yet.

You think of new flooring as a great thing, but I think, "Who's gonna move all the furniture and how will I live while the floor is going down?" Oh, you are SO your parents' daughter! They are good at that kind of stuff.

I'm glad you have a nice landlord. I'm sure he's glad he has nice renters! It will be fun to watch this unfold!

Ann(ie) said...

I think Marcia is a very wise woman!!

Suzio said...

That "less than appealing" wallpaper that you refer to resides at our house! I'm sure we have the very worst. I like your choice, you have good taste. I'm too busy to have good taste right now, so I'll just stick to the 70's foil design that hugs my guest bathroom.

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