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Monday, March 3, 2008

Last week...

On Friday to be exact, I received some great news.

After having waited a while to hear back from a potential client, they called and said they would be outsourcing their design work to me - HRD Design.

I am thankful, happy, and excited to move forward with this.

I also updated my site with Flash (a little bit of animation), on my portfolio page. Now I need to change up some of the other images in my portfolio.

4 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

Congrats hon!!

glee said...


Wow! The Flash is great! BTW, we had the logo made into a banner--6 ft tall and 3 feet wide. The guy who did it was at FedExKinkos (What IS that, except a name they will have to change later?!?!) and even though I sent him the logo in the form you sent me, he put the clef on top (about 4 ft tall and the words below it.) Sigh. I only barely had time to pick it up before the concert, but everyone loved it and asked about the VERY cool clef design. I wish you could have been there to take credit! You are amazing!!!

Ann(ie) said...

YAY GIRLIE!!!!!!!!


Hol&J said...

Thank you!!! I'm excited and hope to hear from someone tomorrow, after I call/email.

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