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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hole-B-Gone (and stuff).

Yesterday, a real certified and uniformed person from AT&T came to do some work on wire connections down inside the lovely hole in our yard. I thought he would have covered the hole after he was done.

"Half full." I was too optimistic. "Half empty." He didn't. [Grrr] I'm not surprised.

I guess that it wasn't part of his "job description". While I completely understand that, there have been many times where I have done things there were not part of my job. The key thing is, that I still did them even though they weren't technically "my job". Sometimes doing your job requires going above and beyond. Don't people still do that? Oh, I forgot. That isn't taught or instilled into the workforce anymore.

No wonder why our nation outsources just about everything these days. Hey I know, Let's get two people to do the work of one, but we'll pay them less. Yeah, that's a great idea! Ugh.

That is only one reason my father has needed to change positions within his company. It's sad that he has to look for a new job/position just so he can stay with the company long enough to receive his retirement benefits.

Am I bitter about that? Yeah, a bit. Do you blame me? You shouldn't.

My dad has been with this fortune 500 company for over 20 years, and this is how they treat him. No respect. No gratitude. He's just a number to them. Years ago he was appreciated and he actually enjoyed his job. What a concept! I say they step back and reexamine how they treat employees. I even had a graphic design internship with them while I was in high school, and now I'm almost ashamed to admit it.

So enough of my ranting, on to the yard hole.

About two hours ago, a new set of contract workers arrived. These two didn't show their badges either. Sounds like AT&T needs to do a better job of training their employees. Hint, hint.

*AT&T if you're reading this, your company, customer service, repair technicians, and contractors need some help.

So the new guys came and covered the gaping hole up today. Yea! I'm glad it didn't take a full week for them to do a job that should have taken all of, hmm... maybe two days? Seriously. One day to dig the hole and someone to inspect the contractor's digging work. Then one day to do wiring and new contractors to cover the hole back up. Simple and done.

"Yard before"

"Yard after"

"Hole before"

"Hole after"

I'm off to water that spot. Hopefully the grass that has been covered up since last Friday won't die.

2 thoughtful comments:

Ann(ie) said...

ug. Sounds like Comcast which is nicknamed Crapcastic. It's hard to find above and beyond anymore, huh????

Hol&J said...

You are so right! The only service we have through Crapcast is our cable internet. It's still decent. *knock on wood* We canceled our TV service months ago, and honestly we don't miss it that much - which is a good thing.

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