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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Having French Toast For Dinner


That is all.

Actually to be honest, I didn't thaw any chicken or elk meat. On top of that, breakfast for dinner sometimes tastes better than having breakfast AT breakfast.

How cool is it that as grownups we can act like kids and rearrange our meals? Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Were you even asking? No, probably not.

That's okay, I'm still going to make lovely, fluffy, cinnamon-y, French toast with my secret ingredient - a bit of vanilla extract added because it makes it taste so. much. better.

If you're nice I'll make some for you too.

Then I'll need to ship it wherever you might be, and then it will probably be cold and a bit dry by then. Not so good, huh? Worth a try.

Enjoy your spaghetti, grilled chicken, hamburger, BBQ, or whatever. I'm going to be dipping my pieces of French toast in warm syrup. J will slather it on, because as he says, he's "made of sugar" and I guess eating so many sweets is how he stays that way. He likes pancakes and French toast soaked in the stuff. I say, that's too much for me.

Random, I know.

Speaking of being "made of sugar", whenever it rains he acts like a girl. Not literally but the panic stricken look on his face and the running kinda does it.

J says he doesn't like being out in the rain because if he gets wet, he. will. melt.

Yep. I know it's silly.

Isn't he cute anyway? So that's why I say he's made of sugar. And why I love him so!

1 thoughtful comments:

Ann(ie) said...

Totally!! I lurve me some breakfast for dinner!!!

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