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Monday, July 7, 2008

Note to KB & KJ

Dear Miss. KB & Mr. KJ,

I love you, did you know that? My heart swells just thinking about you two. Your uncle J and I are so proud to show off your pictures and tell people about you. Look at all our nieces and nephews! We're so blessed to have each one of you in our family.

Getting to see you and really spend time with you in Florida was wonderful!

Your mom and dad are blessed to have you. KB your loving spirit, and the care you show for your brother radiates. I loved getting to play in the ocean with you, jumping waves and floating over them on a raft. Painting pottery was fun too!

KJ, your little tongue sticks out when you're concentrating and it makes us smile. J and I both loved your hugs. Out of nowhere you'd grab around our legs and hug. It just melts my heart.
Thank you!

Uncle J and I will try to visit you soon.

I love you both always and forever!

Aunt Hol

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