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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wordle what?

I love this site. I'm cereal.

Typography is a natural love of mine.

[I wonder why]

Graphic design and typography go hand in hand. Like peanut butter & jelly, milk & cookies, Chinese food & chocolate pudding, Britney Spears & paparazzi.

[Whaaa?] Are the three of you still reading?

The last one might be true, but I wasn't serious about that one, or the Chinese food and chocolate pudding (courtesy of Talladega Nights). Come on! When have I written a post about BS or the paparazzi? Okay, maybe I've written some B.S. but not about the person.

If you haven't checked Wordle out before, you ought to do so now. Well, maybe not right now. I say that, because it's fun and if you need to be working I would suggest you wait until later.

Yeah I wasted umpteen hours some time with it the other day. I don't have any excuses, other than the fact that it was Friday, at the end of my day. I won't tell my boss *cough*me*cough* if you don't.


Wordle will waste. your. time. but you will have fun with it.

You can type in your blog address, and it will compose an "image" from the words used in your posts. The larger words are used most often, and the smaller ones are used less. Like a tag/label cloud.

Click on random a few times to get an idea of what options there are.


Another way is to type your own words. To have some words appear larger, you need to type them more than once. I liked being able to include things that I value and enjoy, and then see them show up randomly.

You can even pick your own colors. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to design and color that I wanted it to match my blog. "L-for lame love!" I know.

Have fun and enjoy.

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