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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Your Day Dad

While it makes me sad that we can't all be together today, I'm glad you are doing something you enjoy. Which of course is fishing (since it's not hunting season yet)! I know, I know. J would love to be there with you, and hopefully someday soon we can visit and the two of you can fish to your hearts content.

Today is your birthday. You came into this world as a towheaded little boy who loved playing outside, harassing his sister, and getting into trouble. Lots of trouble from all the stories I've heard.

Even though it's your birthday, I won't talk about age, getting older, or anything like that.

I thank our God for a father like you. You and Mom always cared for C and I like we were the only daughters in the world. We were your world.

You taught us right from wrong, and how to be independent and strong. Thank you for that. I'm so glad that you always challenged and believed in us. It didn't matter if it was theater, gymnastics, band, art, or even my most dreaded subject. Math. You always believed in us, supported us, and knew that we would succeed in whatever path we took.

Well, what do you know? C and I did. We both married sweet, Godly men, just like our dad. C studied, studied and studied to become a nurse, and now she is a pediatric nurse at a hospital in her hometown. I studied, designed, sculpted, drew and painted, to become a graphic designer. Though it took a little while, and a lot of hard work, I own my own business and design from home.

In the past two years you became a grandfather, which you thoroughly enjoy. C and P blessed you with two adorable grandchildren. Z who is now 2, and A who will be 1 this winter.

Z reminds me of pictures of you when you were close to his age.

You were so cute Dad.

Mr. Z and his "Papa".
There are some similarities don't you think?
Especially with that light blond hair.

Don't worry. J and I won't hold out on you and Mom forever. One of these days we will add to the family, and make that smile on your face grow even bigger.

Happy Birthday Dad!
Thank you for everything.

I love you always and forever.
xoxoxoxox - Hol

2 thoughtful comments:

Ann(ie) said...

OH GIRL...it sounds like you have such a wonderful father!!!! And he's handsome to boot. I love that pic of him and Z at the bottom. SO sweet! It's clear he took his job as a parent seriously b/c his product is just fabulous~! I still wish you lived in WA and lived next door to moi. 8)

glee said...

Thanks, Hol, for posting this. He is truly a gem and I <3 the pictures of him!

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