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Friday, August 15, 2008

We're Not Happy

It's bad news that has been dubbed, "Hollywood chain-yankery".

The head of Warner Brothers mentioned a few unimaginative reasons for putting off the November 2008 opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Yep. That's what I just wrote. Putting off, delayed, postponed, shifted...


The newest Harry Potter movie installment has been delayed. Not just a month or two, but. an. entire. year!

[Insert befuddling charm here]


The latest installment for the Harry Potter movies will open is proposed to open in mid-summer of 2009, because that season is

"an ideal window for a family tent pole release"

Okay, I understand why they would do this, but still think it's kind of low of them to get so many people's hopes up and then dash them.

Maybe it's all part of their marketing scheme. Ah ha! Hey Mr. Director of Marketing. Here's what you should do, get people interested in the movie by presenting a false release date, then push it off to ratchet their emotions up even more. Yeah that'll do it.

Regardless of their decision to do this, Warner Brothers has said the movie actually completed post-production on time. Doesn't that mean it's basically finished?

No, really?

I thought deadlines were meant to be broken. If I tell you the book I'm writing will be out in three days, and then turn around to say, 'Ha, ha. I was only joking. It will be 16 weeks until I finish.' You wouldn't be happy.

Neither are we.

So the W Bros are just delaying it to get better ratings and a higher profit during the summer months. I guess I can't blame them. They're in this business to make like 60 ba-jillion dollars on each and every movie. Hmm, like they really need it.

So get rid of your Half-Blood Prince countdowns and web tickers. Reprint the movie posters. They'll all need to be changed to July 2009.

What day in July? I haven't a clue. Maybe Harry, Hermione or Ron could help us figure that one out.


1 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

This actually makes sense to me. (Sorry!) Some of the movies premiered during the school year and I wouldnt' allow Ky to go to the midnight premiere due to that fact. Even if it opened on a Friday night (Or technically Saturday morning) it would take several days to get the body clock reset. This is so much easier to do during the summer, when a teen's body clock is set so crazily anyway. She got to take her German pen pal last summer and they both talked about it for weeks. Made me a "great Mom!" :-)

That said, I haven't seen any of the HP movies since the first one. I don't think I saw the second one, but I might have. Anyway, they have gotten a bit darker, however, and I don't know if the primary audience is still the 7-17 set or what. Ky was about 10-11 (Harry's age) when the first books came out and she's aged, so maybe they are planning on aging the target audience, too. Bad strategy, IMO.

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