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Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 Things - 9/18/08

5 Things - 9/18/08

• I love the sight of

People coming together to help one another out.

My neighbor came out Monday & helped
me bag all the debris from both our yards.
She didn't have to - she wanted to,
and that made it even sweeter.

• I love the sound of

Kids laughing, and neighbors visiting.

• I love the feel of

Having our church worship service and devotional outside
on Wednesday, because the building still doesn't have power.

ETA - It has power now!

• I love the taste of

Coffee the morning after Hurricane Ike.

You wouldn't believe how "important" that cup of coffee was to us.
It was the first normal thing we did.

• I love the smell of

Pine trees.

Even though that means there were many
pine branches in our yard from the storm.

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