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Friday, September 26, 2008

Little By Little

We have been making some progress. Most of the quarter round trim and transition pieces are down. The floors are looking great!

The bathrooms are still in progress. Since the master is the one we use most, it has been getting worked on first.

New tile, old wallpaper.

No wallpaper, before we textured and painted.

New paint! I'm loving the color. It's a tan with more brown than yellow, and really warms the room.

No sinks or counter tops yet, but that is the vanity. Along with the white trim, the cabinets will look great against the tan walls and tile.

We plan on painting the medicine cabinet white to match the vanity. Maybe we'll get a counter top installed this weekend. I can hope at least.

What are your weekend plans?

3 thoughtful comments:

Burcham Family said...

It looks very nice already! Good job.

matt grubb said...

It looks great and I like the pattern that you guys did on the floor. I don't know what you are looking at on the counter but check out pre-bullnosed granite. It is made to fit and surprisingly affordable. Just slap down your cdx countertop and glue her down. Just a thought...ooh or tile, travertine is always nice. just some thoughts. It looks great.

Ann(ie) said...

LOOKIN GOOD!! That's a lot of work! I am getting my hair foiled tomorrow (yay!) and I'm heading to the park with munchkin shortly. I fell asleep during the debate last night so I have to of course go back and torture myself with that fun. :) Happy Happy Weekend my friend!!

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