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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ten Days!

Yes, I did just say that. Ten more days until Christmas. Can you believe it? Are you ready? It seems like last week was Thanksgiving. I think it's amazing how quickly time flies by this time of year. It never seemed to be so quick when I was in elementary or high school. I guess now I have more responsibilities and bills. Oh, the bills. Each month it feels like we just paid the last ones. Welcome to the club called, "Real World".

This year feels like the first time in a while that we finished our Christmas shopping and got packages out for shipping with 10 whole days to spare. I could be exaggerating, but it just seems like it.

Our shopping this year was a mix of online and at physical stores. I had thought about making some jewelry or bead work, but with certain projects that have been going on I never got around to it. Maybe I should start making things for next year in January or February. That way I'll be ready when December comes back around, or even for birthdays!

Speaking of presents, I have a package tracker on my desktop that is telling me J's package(s) have arrived in Houston. It's funny, because I'm really excited for them to get to our house so I can wrap them. I think J has an idea of what I got him, since the items were on his list, but I'm not sure he knows which things I got. It will be fun to watch him open them Christmas day. I think he feels the same way. He keeps saying things like, 'one of your Christmas presents showed up today'. I'm pretty sure they are either being shipped to his office, or his boss's house. I don't mind though. It works out well that way and I'll be surprised later when I open them.

Do you still get excited like that? I know I still do on Christmas Eve. Christmas day isn't quite as "cool" as it was when I was younger. These days it's more fun to be with family, and to watch the kids' excitement. To see their faces light up and then get a hug and a thank you from them. That makes it totally worth going to a crowded store and dealing with grumpy people.


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2 thoughtful comments:

Burcham Family said...

I am so excited for Christmas!! I think I probably get more excited than the girls :) I had all of my shopping done after Black Friday (except for one more thing). I've never been that good before.

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog. I definitely feel the Lord's presence in our life and am excited to see what He has waiting for us!

glee said...

Would you like to do some of my shopping for me? I need about another month or so before I'm really done. The stores rearrange and then I can't find what I want to buy. I guess I should start earlier!

Very happy for you, however! I think J probably just feels that he already has the best present of all :-)

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