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Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday

to you Kira. Our sweet little girl.

I can't believe that you're 5 years old today! It seems like only yesterday you were this cute little fur ball and bundle of energy. You still have a lot of energy, but you're not quite as small.

How did you get to be such a big girl already? Yes, I know puppies tend to grow a bit faster than humans. You were already a teenager when we considered you a puppy still. That makes sense though, all the things you got into and chewed. Thinking back is kind of neat as well. We got you about six months after we were married. Your dad and I have been married five years since this last October and now you'll be turning 5 to "catch up" with us.

Last year on your fourth birthday.

Around your birthday each year our Azalea shrub flowers, but for some reason it isn't this year. Could be because of the crazy weather we've had. The plants and trees don't know if it's spring or still winter. Hot, cold, hot, cold.

Enjoying the breeze on a warm day.
Just sniffing all the scents on the air.

You are such a joy to us, and yes at times you try our patience and are a source of frustration for your dad and I. Just like any child would be. We still love you a lot and we're pretty sure you know that. We may get after you for rolling in dried cow patties, but that's what doggies do! It smells so good to you, and really you can't help that instinct. Then later when you listen and behave, come when called, and nuzzle up against our legs, we still love on you and give you the attention you deserve.

I had to keep from laughing when I was taking this picture.
Of course I was not happy, but you were so proud of yourself.

Uh oh! This wasn't your fault.
Dad left a pen where you could get to it.

Kira, Pupper-doo, Kira-boo, Puppers, Kira Marie, Boo-bear, Cuddle Bug, Wiggle Bottom, we love you so much. Like any serious dog owner parent would do, we gladly and without hesitation consider you a part of the family.

Today like every March 6th, we celebrate your birthday. You're our beautiful five year old. We love you lots, and are so glad to have you in our lives.

Look at you now.

That bench on our deck is another one of your favorite spots. You like to sit up there, watching the birds and squirrels. It's also the place you get brushed, and you really enjoy it. Our bed is another favorite. Well of course it is! If I haven't seen you in a while, I know just where to look.

Stretched out on our the bed.

Cuddled up with dad back when you were just a tiny thing.

You are daddy's little girl. There is no mistaking that. The two of you bonded immediately. Rough-housing, playing chase, and barking at each other. You still play your own version of hide and seek. He quietly runs and hides in a room, you realize he's gone missing so you try to find him.

You check all his normal hiding spots. In and out of all the rooms. Looking behind the laundry hampers, pausing in the hall. Listening, looking, and most of all smelling. Sniffing for your dad's scent. Trying to pick it up so you can more easily find him. If it takes a few minutes you make that little whine of concern. Not quite panicked, but not sure where he went.

I encourage you to keep looking. I ask you where your daddy went, and tell you to keep trying to find him. Eventually you do find him and then bark, scolding him for hiding so well. He scratches your back and behind your ears, then you go get a drink since you got a little warm running around trying to find him.

Moments like these make me smile. I can see the bond the two of you have with each other. It makes me think about the bonds both of you will form with new little ones some day. You'll be a sweet dog-sister Kira, and your dad will be a wonderful father.

Who would have ever thought you'd be comfortable like this?
What a cute little goof ball!

The past few years, you and I have also grown closer, and I'm thankful for that. While I work from home, you are my little shadow. If you can, you will lay next to me, behind me, or at least within sight. If you're not nearby, all I need to do is check one of your favorite spots. Usually you're looking out the sliding glass door, curled up on the bed, or by our bedroom window. When it's nice out, you love to just lay or sit on the deck.

Lately you've taken to getting under my desk while I'm working. I don't mind that I can't scoot my chair up to my desk. I try to remember to view that time as a little break, and  at time I can enjoy you curled up at my feet. Being able to look down and see your cute little face looking back up at me, or when you're taking a little snooze reminds me there's more to life than just work.

A quick look back in time just to remember. These were pictures from the first time we saw you. Oh my goodness were we smitten. You, along with your brothers and sisters were all cute as you could be. Playing until you all got so tired you found a comfy spot to take a nap, chasing one another, biting ears and tails. Being adorable little pups.

Wiped out from playing.

J's face says it all. Love at first sight sniff.

We have watched you grow, always learning and testing boundaries. Barking, playing, running, jumping, and successfully graduating from all the training classes you went through. You have always been such a smart girl. Like we say, you're probably too smart for us.

We have truly enjoyed these five years with you. When we come home, you are always so happy, excited, and affectionate. Tail wagging, waiting for a belly rub. You love without hesitation. You can sense when we're sad, so you put your warm little chin in our laps to make everything better. That melts our hearts.

You continue to do this even now.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Blue Sugar Sunkist Kira.

We love you to the moon and back!
xox - Mom and Dad

2 thoughtful comments:

Melissa said...

She is such a cute dog. Happy Birthday Kira!!

Ann(ie) said...

That is one cuuuuuuuute doggy!!!! And what good parents you two are! My cat might pack a bag and join your family soon!

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