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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Picky Trash Collectors

When did the employees who pick up our trash get so picky?
Seriously. I'd like to know.

This isn't the first time, nor will it be the last I'm sure.

About 6 months ago (or perhaps longer) I actually called our waste management company to express my concern that their employees were "unable" to put trash cans back safely where they found them – on the right side of our driveway at the sidewalk. It's not like they need to walk the cans back up to our house.

Oh no. They left our trash can [get this] rolling on it's side, along with about six others directly in the the road. In the road my dear readers! What if I didn't work at home? What if someone had driven by before I saw the trash can? They probably would have hit it. Then we'd have to pay for a new trash can, and possibly damage to a vehicle if we were found to be at fault. Although I'm not sure how we would be at fault, since neither of us had left the trash can in the street to begin with. There's always a catch though. A loophole.

So, today I took out a small amount of trash we had from the kitchen and around the rest of the house. It only filled one kitchen-sized bag, so I placed it in the top of our laundry trash can.

I guess the trash collectors didn't like that. La. Ti. Da!

They left this trash can, on it's side – just like it's predecessor. This time it remained on our sidewalk, but there was trash remaining in the bottom and spilling out onto the grass.

Okay, it wasn't "trash" per-se, but some fluffy balls of hair from Kira that we had brushed off of her. She's still shedding, but what's new? *wink* There was also a bit of dryer lint… you know, since this is the trash can right by our washer and dryer.

I'm guessing the trash company employees (aka: garbage-men) have decided they don't pick up trash unless it's fully bagged.

Hmm, that's odd because they manage to pick up branches, pine cones and other yard waste when it's just sitting inside the trash can. This new "rule" would have been nice to know before I set the trash out this morning, don't you think?

J doesn't feel that I need to call our waste management company (again). Alright, so maybe I don't. I'm just tired of people not doing their job properly. We didn't have this problem in the past, and we've been in this house about 5 years. I guess some people don't respect or appreciate having a job anymore. Perhaps they would respect their job if they were in danger of losing it. There's a thought! I also know a few people who are still looking for jobs, and they could use the income that these garbage employees seem to take for granted.

I know this "disrespect" for their jobs probably isn't the big picture. These employees may appreciate their jobs, and might just think that their customers don't know how to bag garbage. Maybe they're just having a bad day (again). I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Ooh, idea! I wonder what would happen if I put a trash can full of shredded paper out for them to pick up?

[Cue manic laugh]
Muah ahhh ah ah ah ah!

Okay you got me. I kid! I kid!

I wouldn't do that. And not just because the trash employees would dump it out on our lawn and in the road (and then expect us to clean it up). More so because it would be mean and spiteful, and that's not how I was brought up, or how I am.

Sure. There are times I may think those things, but that's my way of venting frustrations. I wouldn't actually do it. Or would I?

What are your experiences with your waste management (trash pick-up) service?

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