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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday's Five Things - 8/20/09

Five things I'm thankful for and that I love:

• I love the sight of
My parents picking us up at the airport.

• I love the sound of
Bailey, my parent's dog playfully barking.

• I love the feel of
Looking at old family pictures on the walls.

• I love the taste of
My mom's homemade bread.

• I love the smell of

What are you thankful for?

2 thoughtful comments:

The Templeton's said...

I have always loved your wackly little top 5's. OKay so here's mine today:
1) Waking up to the smell of my Memaw cooking breakfast.
2) The sound of my grandfather talking and me listening through his chest.
3) Loud giggles from Jackson.
4) Having "moments" with best friends.
5) Hearing mom say she's proud.

Hol and J said...

Thanks! I enjoyed your list too!

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