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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy But Good

There's a lot going on right now, but it's not bad. It just feels a little hectic. You wouldn't have known that, since I haven't written about it on here. I hesitate talking about it because things are not final. There's still a lot up in the air, but I guess that goes with the territory. J and I both are trying to rely more on God, learning to be patient and trust Him. That's not a bad thing, it's just difficult at times.

We have been looking at houses for a while now. I could probably say we have been looking over the past two years, but we weren't at a point where we could buy a home. We mostly wanted to get an idea of what types of homes we were looking for, and what areas we might want to move to. I think we know now. After that long, I think we better!


So what does that mean? Well, it's about time to make that change. To take the big step and buy our first home – aside from renting a house. We like where we are, but renting isn't putting money into an "investment" or something that will eventually give us a return on our money. It's also time for us to get serious about starting a family. Okay, okay. I hear you, but we're not at that point quite yet. That also ties into buying a house. A place that we can call our own, make a home and bring up a family.

I've been working part-time for a company during half the week, while also working at home at my company HRD Design for the other half. It has been going well and so far it hasn't been difficult to manage. The only "hard" thing has been getting my clients to understand that 1.) My hours have changed, and 2.) I am still working, I didn't shut my business down.

It's funny, because I let them all know by sending an email with quite a bit of information about what days I am at my office and the days I'm away. Some of them seem to have forgotten the details. That's okay, I just remind them when they call while I'm at my second job. I let them know that I will get back to them as soon as I can once I am back at my home office.

This has been a time of challenge, but I think we're doing fairly well with it. We're trying to be responsible, as wise as we can about homes and money, and also making sure we keep level heads about it all. Granted, we are a bit emotionally charged in some aspects. How can you not be when you look at houses and start realizing what's to come?

We want to thank our family and friends for the support and prayers they've offered. Trust me, they have helped. Please keep them coming, as we're not through this yet. God has plans for us and we're excited to see what they are.

What experiences have you dealt with that tested you? How did you deal with it?

4 thoughtful comments:

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

Lots of exciting things going on. Changes, too. You'll have to invite us over once we're back in the States. ;-)

Hol and J said...

Of course! You're more than welcome to visit once you're back "home".

Chris H said...

Wow some really exciting things coming up in your household then! Can't wait to see your new home when you get it!

Hol and J said...

Thanks Chris. I'll definitely post pictures once we're in a new home.

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