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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's Five Things - 9/24/09

Five things I'm thankful for and that I love:

• I love the sight of
Much needed rain.

• I love the sound of

• I love the feel of
Cooler weather - the start of fall.
It's normally still pretty warm here, so this is nice.

• I love the taste of
Cornbread muffins for breakfast.

• I love the smell of
Spiced candles.

Did you notice anything new or special this week?

4 thoughtful comments:

Melissa Burcham said...

Hi there! I just caught up on the last couple of posts. What an exciting time (and a little scary). Praying things go well for you all and you clearly see God's guidance.

Hol and J said...

Thank you Melissa. Josh and I appreciate it.

Chris H said...

NEW? Yes, this morning Stew noticed AUSTRALIAN RED DUST on his car.. . here in Auckland, New Zealand!

Hol and J said...

That Australian red dust traveled a ways didn't it? Wow!

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