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Monday, October 12, 2009

This Is It

Here is the new song, "This Is It" by Michael Jackson.

"The album, Michael Jackson’s This Is It, is a companion piece to the Michael Jackson’s This Is It Movie and features the music that inspired the film, demo recordings and two versions of the previously unreleased song, 'This Is It'."

I'm struck by the title. It's seemingly final and foreshadowing. Perhaps it was MJ's way of saying this was the last tour and album he was going to work on. I really don't know, and won't try to guess and say that he knew something was going to happen. I seriously doubt that's the case. Just like many other figures in entertainment, there is a time when they want to retire from the business. This may not have been true either, but it seems more likely.

What are your thoughts about the song? I'll probably need to listen to it again to know for sure what I really think about it. My initial feeling was that this is a rough recording - and it may be as the tune seems a little off pitch in places. On the other hand, it could just be that I like Michael's earlier work better than songs he did in his later years. That's just a personal preference.

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