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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Even I surprise myself

A few months ago I happened to find an interesting, yet slightly disturbing article on a particular type of site. Something a bit out of my normal scope of sites I tend to visit.

[Sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter!]

Okay fine, It was a parenting and baby site.

[… annnnd cue, the stream of comments and questions.]

More precisely it was www.babycenter.com. No they're not paying me to tell you this, nor am I receiving any perks for doing so. *hint hint* I happened to find an article all about baby poo. Yuck, I know. While for the average Joe, this is probably where you want to step off and visit another day.

I'll give you a moment.

So this article was about infants and their bowel movements. As a woman in her 30's who does not have children yet, I actually found it very informative. Yes, it's gross but when I have a newborn home from the hospital with my husband and I, I'd like to know that there isn't anything wrong… and a baby's poop can tell you a lot (or so I've come to find out).

The article I must warn, also has photos. [Dun, dun, dun!] This is where the "gross" factor came in. Some of you may find it offensive, however I suggest if you do check it out that you broaden your perspective.

To me here's how I perceived it:

Eww! I'm glad I didn't just eat.

…progressing to

Well, everyone poops. (Yes I know of the book.)

…and on to

Hmm, if I had a new baby and I wasn't sure if something was wrong with him/her (i.e. digestive/stomach/bowel related) these images would help alleviate some of my worry or determine if I need to call the doctor.

Well, there you go. What a surprise! While the images were and are a bit foul, they would prove to be helpful to any new or seasoned parent.

*I hesitate putting a direct link on here by chance someone clicks without reading or looking first at what I've said.

Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for links you click on and sites/images you view of your own accord. The particular images I refer to on Babycenter's site may be considered disturbing, but this is a warning. I am not forcing you to click.

You can find the links on the left hand column, under 'Baby Diapering & Bottom Care'. Yeah, you can't mistake them… 'Baby Poop 101', 'Baby Poop a Complete Guide', and from those you can find links to the photos. Just what you wanted, I know!

1 thoughtful comments:

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

That IS very helpful information to have!! When we had Caleb, they made us go to a little class before we left the hospital, and they had a chart on the wall with all different colors/textures of poo. It actually alleviates some worry when things don't come out like you expect them to. ;-)

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