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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jenga Poker Face?

Today at my second job I heard a loud crash.

[What in the world?]

I said, “Are you okay?” since I had no idea where the noise came from or who it involved.

All of us kind of do that. When someone sneezes, we say "bless you" since we're all pretty much in the same area.

J came walking by my desk shortly after and I asked him if everyone was alright.

He laughed and said his employees sometimes play ‘Jenga’ with their office supplies by stacking them into a tower until they tumble down.

The funny thing?
I didn’t even think there was anything odd about it.

Guess it goes to show that our office tries to keep it fun. Almost every Customer Service Rep., or Freight person has some sort of stress reliever toy. A squishy ball, mini football, tennis ball, etc. to mess with when feeling overwhelmed.

Take a look at one of the company owners/President and her sister doing a spoof for UPS. This was from October. I had the pleasure of recording it, and you can hear all the employees laughing in the background.

Here, Lady Gaga's cousins sing my my my UPS instead of 'My Poker Face'.

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