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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'd like to forget

This morning is one I'll have a hard time getting out of my head.

J and I were on our way to work (one of the days I work part time away from my business). We had about 3 minutes left to our drive and came across roadkill in the right lane. Thankfully we were in the left and were able to avoid it.

An animal being hit in the road isn't odd, but we could tell it was a large animal. My gut told me it was a dog, sadly enough.

Before you even say anything, I know people hit animals all the time. That doesn't make it any easier to see. The extremely sad thing was that someone had to have been driving well over the 40 mph speed limit to have done this to such a large dog, and that makes me angry.

It's horrible and unfortunate things like this happen since many times it could have been avoided. Again, I know that pets get loose, so it's not always a matter of keeping them indoors or fenced in a backyard.

It's "part of life" that animals are hit and killed on roads. J and I hit a deer before Christmas if you recall. I just try not to dwell on the thoughts.

If seeing the carcass this morning wasn’t disturbing enough, we continued down the road and just before we reached our turn there was the rest of the animal… the head.


I tried not to look as we passed, but it was right there and so very recognizable. A German Shepherd and someone's pet I'm sure.

[I am still absolutely heartbroken and sick to my stomach.]

How could I avoid thinking about Kira, the sweet, furry member of our family?

I completely fell apart.

J told me it would be alright, and I knew it was true but feeling that emotion is part of who I am. I value all life.

I pray tomorrow will be better.

2 thoughtful comments:

Chris H said...

HOw very sad, and how sad that the person who ran the dog over didn't think to remove the body from the road!

Hol and J said...

Yes, very sad Chris.

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