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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday's Things 2/11/10

Things I'm thankful for and love:

• I love the sight of
Laundry ready to be folded.

That means we have the ability to do
laundry in the comfort of our own home.

• I love the sound of
A new baby making little squeaks and grunts.

Even if it means they have gas. ;o)

• I love the feel of
Receiving a package in the mail from my parents.

"Care Packages" make me smile, especially when
your dad gets you a little something for Valentine's Day.

Thank you Dad!

• I love the taste of
Homemade Black Bean Salsa.

Black beans, corn, jalapeños, avocados,
tomatoes, onions, lime juice… delicious!

• I love the smell of
Lasagna cooking in the oven.

Piping hot pasta with meat, onion, garlic, cheeses and sauce.

• I'm thankful for

I think I understand it (a little bit) more now than in the past.

How do you handle trying to stay warm?
Do you turn up the heat, put on more layers or wrap up with a blanket?

4 thoughtful comments:

Melissa Burcham said...

Is it bad that I do all of the 3 things mentioned to stay warm? :) Hope you are doing well!

Chris H said...

YOU LOVE laundry waiting to be folded???? OK, you can come over here then... I have HEAPS!!!

Hol and J said...

Melissa, I'm currently doing what I asked about. I put on fingerless gloves so I can still work on the computer, wrapped a blanket around myself and turned the heat up a little since it was sitting at 63. Brr! We are doing well. J's parents have about 6" of snow right now in East Texas and down here in Houston we just have cold wind and rain.

Hol and J said...

Chris, no I don't actually like or love folding laundry. It's one of my most dreaded tasks, aside from cleaning the toilets. ;) I just try to take a positive view even when I don't like something. Doesn't always work though. Hee hee!

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