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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Things 3/4/10

Things I'm thankful for and love:

• I love the sight of
The date of a concert growing closer.

We'll get to see Brooks & Dunn on their last tour
and at the same time we can enjoy the Livestock Show & Rodeo.

• I love the sound of
Children singing songs.
Their little voices are so precious.

• I love the feel of
Running into an old friend unexpectedly.

I happened to see E from college on Sunday right as we were
leaving church. She and I were both pretty surprised!

• I love the taste of
Girl Scout Cookies.

We ate them so quickly that I need to try making
the "copy cat" versions of them from scratch!

• I love the smell of
A fluffy clean puppy dog.

She's happy about it too.

• I'm thankful for
God watching over my friends and their new babies.

I know of two little ones who are Preemies. One is
finally home, and the other should be soon. We're still praying!

Do you have any plans for Spring Break this year?
What do you like about this time of year?

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