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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday's Things 8/12/10

• I love the sight of
Dragonflies zooming about.

It amazes me how they can hover in one spot.

• I love the sound of
Baseball on TV.

The ball hitting the bat, announcers calling plays and the crowd cheering.

• I love the feel of

The growing warmth on my face and arms is nice

• I love the taste of

Cooked until just crisp tender.

• I love the smell of
Onions sautéing in a pan.

Their bite turns into a more mellow sweetness.

• I'm thankful for
Our home.

It provides shelter from this hot summer and gives us a safe place to sleep.

Here are a couple of fun questions:

Coffee or tea?

Cake or ice cream?

4 thoughtful comments:

Christina of I Art Flirt (www.iartflirt.com) said...

Coffee or tea? COFFEE for sure! I'm totally addicted.

Cake of ice cream? BOTH! But if i have cake i always want to have ice cream too... I can have ice cream w/out the cake ;)

p.s. I LOVE listening to a baseball game on tv... the roar of the crowd puts me right to sleep!


Stratoz said...

wonderful sense filled blessing of things that bring you joy.

used to be tea till I was in mid 40's,now coffee... now I am in my late mid 40's

Toni Tralala said...

I love alliterations! :)
My fiancé and I have alliterations for our weekly bonding activities. It just makes things more fun then we switch it up!

This is lovely. I have my own Thursday edition which I do on a bi-weekly purpose. Top 10 Picks of random things.

Now, coffee or tea? Neither because of the caffeine. Can I have milk? lol.

Hol and J said...

Thank you for all the comments, I enjoyed reading them!

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