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Monday, March 28, 2011

Prayers for Kirill

I just read about the Davis family trying to adopt a precious boy named Kirill who is from Russia. You can read more about their story here. To give you some detail, they wanted to adopt a child with special needs. Kirill has Down Syndrome, which strikes near to home for me as I have a cousin with Down Syndrome and Autism.

This family had gone through a long process and even had a "thumbs up" from two doctors, two social workers and the Minister of Children’s Services, however the judge in Russia denied their application. They were fit to adopt any OTHER child, but because of Kirill's "condition" he was not considered "socially adaptable". He would be better off in an institution than in a home with a family.

Excuse me, what?!

Who in their right mind would think that? Sadly there are places in this world that practically view people with certain conditions or disibalities as problems to sweep under the rug. Maybe if they're hidden away then the "problem" doesn't exist.

That breaks my heart.

I will be praying for the Davis family, Kirill and especially the judge in Russia. I pray that hearts can be softened and changed. I pray that God intervenes and helps bring Kirill home to the Davis family.

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2 thoughtful comments:

Chris H said...

I cannot believe that some 'presumably knowledgable' person like a JUDGE could be so small minded and horrid!!! That is a dreaful attitude to have towards special kids like Kirill.

Stratoz said...

hoping for an update in the future that has a happy ending

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