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Thursday, September 7, 2006

"New" Addition

On Labor Day Josh and I drove to Dallas looking for his new "baby". I'm sure some of you can sympathize... I mean understand. Actually, I like the fact that we were looking for a new vehicle. We had sold his old car and wanted to have a truck again. It will help when Houston floods. Our street actually flooded this year, but has not in the past. It didn't reach our house, thank you God. To be honest I had gotten pretty worried. The water had covered the grass in some areas and was creeping up the driveway and this was at 8:00 am. It had rained over night and was continuing at a steady downpour through about 10:00 am. It still rained throughout the day, but it was lighter and not as constant.

This was during all the rain. You can see how high the water is on the right side of the picture. Notice where the grass is covered and the water reaches the truck bumper.

This is what the street usually looks like, without the flooding. This was actually taken the same day, after the water subsided.

Those pictures only represent a little of why we were looking for a truck. You can understand I'm sure. Of course we didn't just drive to Dallas and find the truck. There had been extensive research in Houston and Dallas. Josh's best friend, Erik, is a police officer in Dallas and was very helpful. He should get a finders fee for the Bronco. How about dinner and a free place to stay anytime you're in Houston?

Now for the unveiling of our '93 Bronco. Drum roll please...

Here she is.

You need to see both sides, of course.

Very photogenic.

It will be great on our trip to the Ozarks this October. We will be going to the Buffalo National River in Arkansas with Erik, and also Brett & Jessica Brown to camp. Josh and I can hardly wait to do some hiking and fishing. Maybe we'll even get to canoe.

Here is a decent website for Buffalo National River. http://www.nps.gov/buff/

This is the area where we'll be.

October will be perfect weather; warm during the day and cool at night.

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Burcham Family said...

Nice new car! Your trip in October looks like so much fun!! I am looking forward to pics and stories about your trip.

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