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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Z man

Here are some pictures of our nephew, Zaden.

2 thoughtful comments:

the Carris' said...

Yeah! I LOVE blogs! It is amazing to reconnect with people I regret losing touch with. It sounds like you guys are doing great! I will keep your business in my prayers! Good for you for putting your future in God's hands, and taking a risk. I hope you have a great birthday (I will look forward to reading the details on the blog). It is fun to think back on all the birthdays slumber parties we celebrated with the gang from Rochester. Glad to find you! Molly

Ash&Kel said...

HOLLY DYER...so good to find you in the blog world! It's fun seeing pictures of you and your husband and the rest of your family. Your nephew is adorable! I'm glad to see you are doing great.

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