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Friday, January 12, 2007

On Being An Aunt

Being an aunt is great. I am fortunate to have three nephews and two nieces. I love them all dearly.

My aunt is on the far left of this picture. Her daughter is behind me in orange. This was our family at Christmas this year. (My aunt's husband and my sister's husband both had to stay home and work.)

Everyone says, "My nephew/niece is the cutest in the world!"
It's true. How could we lie about that? Maybe we're just a little biased, and that's okay.

Four generations, from left to right: my mother, me, my nephew Zaden, my sister, and my grandmother.

Being an aunt is amazing, especially when your precious nephew smiles whenever you hold him.

I knew Zaden had me wrapped around his little finger when, he almost made me cry by reaching out for me.

Aunts are special. We don't mind spit up, drool, or even messy diapers.
We make silly faces and odd noises to make the little ones laugh.

Always patient
Unconditional love
Never ending bond
Thinks the world of each niece and nephew

~ I thank our God for this gift. ~

3 thoughtful comments:

Burcham Family said...

Wow! It has been a long time since I have seen all of your family. It is good to see them all. Tell them all hello and send them my love!

Shauna said...

Beutiful pics!

Hol&J said...

Thank you!

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